Providing quality solutions

Having know-how in the business, Budafok Recycling provides high quality products in a variety of grades to enable its customers to create any kind of final product. The quality of various grades is guaranteed to ensure effective use in paper & board production, allowing producers to skew their production away from virgin raw material and providing the prospects of increasing their end product’s profitability. The company also provides high quality of service in all aspects, from ordering the right material to delivering the product on time.

CEPI Grades

Budafok Recycling offers products in line with Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) standards, which indicate the minimum tolerance of non-paper components accepted for each grade. The company’s quality control processes and expertise in the paper industry allow for the creation of products that are tailored to the needs of paper mills, improving the performance of the final product. Budafok Recycling currently provides a range of 8 different CEPI grades of waste paper, complying with the standards of deinking processes, the tolerance of non-paper components and the size of shredded paper pieces.

Product descriptions

All products are offered in 115X115X140-180cm bales which weigh approx. 1000kg
Photos of the products are indicative and their appearance depends on the lot.

Group 1 - Ordinary grades

  • 1.02 Mixed papers and boards (sorted)
  • A mixture of various qualities of paper and board, containing a maximum of 40% newsprint and magazine paper.
  • 1.05 Old corrugated containers
  • Mix of used boxes and sheets of corrugated board of various qualities, which may include 10% of other packaging papers and boards.
  • 1.11 Sorted graphic paper for deinking
  • Sorted graphic paper, consisting of a minimum of 80% newsprint and magazine paper. The bale has to contain at least 30 % newsprint and 40% magazine paper. Print products which are not suitable for deinking are limited to 1.5%.

Group 2 - Medium grades

  • 2.03.01 Lightly printed white shavings without glue
  • Lightly printed white shavings, mainly mechanical pulp-based paper, without glue.

Group 3 - High grades

  • 3.01 Mixed lightly colored wood free printer shavings
  • Mixed shavings of printing and writing papers, lightly coloured in the mass, containing a minimum of 50% of woodfree paper.
  • 3.05 White wood free letters
  • Sorted uncoated white wood free printing and writing papers, printed, free from cash books, carbon paper and non-water soluble adhesives. The bale may contain 5% mechanical pulp-based paper.
  • 3.16 White woodfree coated paper, without glue
  • Shavings and sheets of white unprinted woodfree coated paper, without glue.
  • 3.18.01 White wood free uncoated shavings
  • Shavings and sheets of white unprinted wood free paper, free from coated paper, without glue.