Collecting & Recycling

Budafok Recycling services include the collection and disposal of your waste paper on a regular or on demand basis. Having a truck fleet with significant capacity, the company is able to collect large quantities at once, effectively and efficiently, without disturbing your work flow. From document security shredding and archives clearance to packaging paper materials collection, Budafok Recycling can be your trusted partner and supporter to your endeavors for paper waste disposal management.

Regular waste paper collection

Waste paper disposal management can offer you an extra source of income to your budget. Budafok Recycling can regularly acquire your waste paper, providing you with the opportunity to benefit from something you don’t need or use, while supporting sustainability. Paper materials we collect include: Corrugated paper and board packaging, magazines with or without glue, newspapers, graphic paper, books, office paper, wood free writing papers, unused boxes sheets and shavings of corrugated board

Document security shredding

An office employee will print 200 packs of paper on average every year. Being in a corporate environment, these prints may contain crucial information for your business, which however may be thrown away in waste cans or recycling bins. In the wrong hands, confidential information can lead to a competitive disadvantage or even to identity theft and fraud. To avoid being in such a situation, Budafok Recycling can assist you in the secure disposal of your documents and archives by collecting and shredding your paper waste on a regular basis. Safety lies on guarding your information. You have a firewall and password on your PC, why shouldn’t you have a security breach with your printed documents?

What is the benefit for you

Budafok Recycling provides sustainability in all aspects and can enable you to be part of the efforts for a greener economy. Instead of just disposing paper, you can ask Budafok Recycling to acquire and responsibly recycle your waste paper, providing you with the opportunity to gain income from what you do not need.