About us

Budafok Recycling is specialized in waste paper recycling and trading, operating throughout Hungary for almost three decades. Collecting high quality material from various sources across the country, Budafok has obtained deep market insights and strong contacts with all waste paper sourcing channels in Hungary. This market knowledge, coupled with efficient sorting, baling and distribution capabilities, gives Budafok the ability to provide you with sustainable product solutions, on time, in full and at the right price. The company organizes waste paper collection at schools twice a year, in order to enable students become more involved with the protection of the environment and raise awareness on the preservation of our natural sources.


Recycling saves energy, money and raw materials while providing growth opportunities. Increase your efficiency and participate in the efforts for the preservation of our natural inhabitance.


Budafok Recycling currently provides a range of 8 different CEPI grades of waste paper, guaranteed in quality, enabling you to create any kind of final product.