Our commitment


We strongly and firmly focus on our mission to manufacture, develop and deliver superior quality waste paper products that improve our customers’ end product attributes and profitability.


Having employees with strong paper industry expertise, our vision is to become the leading waste paper partner of paper mills in Central Eastern Europe.


We listen carefully to our customers in order to satisfy their needs, challenging conventional wisdom to be ahead of competition. We operate in an environmentally friendly manner, promoting sustainability, aiming to give back to society.

Doing business with us

Working with Budafok Recycling means having a strategic partner who can fully understand your needs, since the company can provide sustainability both for your business and the environment. Budafok Recycling can enable your corporation to increase its profitability by offering consistent and well-suited product solutions towards your intended use.


1. Material collection

Budafok Recycling provides containers or special recycling bins to its contracted suppliers for them to accumulate raw material and subsequently collects the waste paper material using its fleet of trucks. To support the collection process, our company can also provide small press machines, which will be installed at our partners’ premises.

2. Material receipt

Incoming material from our fleet and independent collectors is weighted and unloaded in our facility.

3. Quality control

Received materials are inspected, with regards to moisture and prohibited and unwanted materials content, and pre-classified according to CEPI Paper Grades Standard.

4. Sorting

Pre-classified materials are sorted and purified from prohibited and unwanted materials. Unwanted materials are provided to polyethylene (PE) re-granulating companies for further processing.

5. Shredding Process

Materials that require shredding are processed through the guillotine and shredding machine.

6. Bailing process

Shredded materials are compressed in the bailing press to bales of 1.000 kg each and an approx. volume of 2.1 m3.

7. Storage

Final product is stored in baled form in our warehouses and is ready for shipment.

8. Use

Budafok Recycling’s final products are used in the production of paper across Europe, helping to save on average 20 trees per metric ton of paper produced.